The Robotic Instruments & Orchestras of
Eric Singer

Historical Work

creative engineering • interactive art • performance

installations • teaching • pyrotechnics

LEMUR: League of Electronic Musical

Urban Robots

In 2000, I founded LEMUR: League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots in Brooklyn, NY. LEMUR was a group of artists and technologists who created  robotic musical instruments and installations. We performed and presented installations around the world and worked with artists such as They Might Be Giants, Pat Metheny, JG Thirlwell, Morton Subotnick, Ikue Mori, George Lewis, Todd Reynolds, Ben Neill and others. In 2009, I moved to Pittsburgh and now work under the name SingerBots.


In 2012, I created Pyrotopia, Pittsburgh’s first Festival of Fire Arts, featuring installations, performers, artisans, chefs and children’s activities, all incorporating or related to fire. We expected 1000 people – 4000 came. Pyrotopia 2014 was on May 11th and featured 20 performers, 10 installations and a host of other amazing fire, light and electrical spectacles.

Art & Technology Consulting

I do independent consulting across a wide area of disciplines, including design, electrical engineering, programming, robotics and fabrication, I often design and create interactive technology for international artists and companies such as Disney Imagineering.

Pyrotechnic Art

I create interactive pyrotechnic artworks and games, including Flaming Simon ("like Simon, but with flamethrowers") and PyroStomp, a large pyrotechnic drum machine.

Technology for Artists

I have created and marketed electronic interfaces for using sensors and robotics in interactive computer music and art, including MidiTron™ and MidiTron™ Wireless. I also created Cyclops, video tracking software and many other software modules for the Max multimedia programming environment.